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Best Drip Coffee Makers in 2022 - Buyer's Guide

Coffee is like fuel and an essential to kick-start most of us. Billions of people consume coffee several times a day. It’s bitter flavor when brewed to make up a coffee drink. It serves as an energizing drink to carry out daily life activities. However, there are several kinds of coffee makers present, and it’s hard to find the best coffee makers in 2022.

For your ease, we’ve searched and tested many coffee machines. After extensive analysis and testing, we are finally here to review the best-tasting coffee makers 2022.  So you can brew and enjoy every single shot of coffee or coffee drinks without compromising on the taste.

Which coffee maker should you purchase?

There are several types of coffee machines ranging from manual to fully automatic coffee makers. This is the place where people get confused and ask us, “what coffee machine should I buy?”. The answer depends on your preference.

Following are the types of coffee machines that you can buy.

1. Manual coffee maker

As its name suggests, a manual coffee maker requires all work done manually. You have to brew and weigh the beans and maintain the perfect water temperature to make yourself a shot of coffee.

Making coffee requires high pressure and technical skills. These machines are neatly suited for baristas and professional coffee makers.

Even though this type of coffee maker looks classy and vintage in your kitchen, it requires a lot of practice to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

However, once you have practiced enough, a manual coffee maker will give you the best-tasted coffee you will ever have. This is because you’ll have control over every aspect of coffee making.

Manual coffee makers don’t come with grinders, so you have to buy them separately, which is not a con. Overall, if you have experience in making coffee, you can try manual coffee makers.

2. Automatic coffee maker

An automatic coffee maker means that it will reduce your workload and do most of the work itself. However, even automatic coffee makers have a variety of brew options.

In the case of an automatic coffee maker, you only need to insert a pod and select the brew strength, and it will do the rest of the work.

What we saw in these automatic coffee makers is that you don’t have to be an expert coffee maker to get the best coffee shot.

They are a good choice for someone who doesn’t know how to control a manual coffee maker or for those who don’t have enough time in the mornings to pour themselves a coffee shot manually.

Also, you can either use pre-made coffee pods or grind your coffee beans separately. In the end, it will give the best-tasting coffee without requiring enough labor.

Even though you’ll have less control over the coffee-making procedure, still these machines can make some great-tasting coffee for you. Do for the semi-automatic coffee machine if you want to get more control over your coffee personalization while having an automatic coffee maker.

Not only coffee shots, but they also are very versatile. With different components, automatic coffee makers can brew up a variety of coffee drinks like a strong or dilute brew, etc. So if you want some dimension in your life with comfort, you can always buy the best automatic coffee maker in 2022.


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Top 8 Best Coffee Makers in 2022

The best coffee maker may vary from person to person, depending on their personal preferences. There could be no one product best for all. Maybe you have a small kitchen, and the best coffee maker for you is one that is compact in size and easy to clean.

For others, the best would be the one that looks aesthetically pleasing and fit perfectly on their coffee counter.

So, here we have come up with our pick of the top 8 best coffee makers depending on their usability and performance.

We hope you will find your best coffee maker among them. So, without waiting any longer, let’s begin with the review.


This is one of the best models of Cuisinart. It can brew hot coffee in large quantities, and you can even set it in the morning to start brewing coffee. So, you can enjoy the best cup of coffee when you wake up.

This crown-pleasing machine is made up of stainless steel and has a blue light around the buttons.

The blue backlit LED light makes it easier for users to use the machine even in the dark. The design of the machine is compact and intelligent.

The brewing process is quite flexible, and the user can control the strength of the brew. In case of a minor power outage, this machine restarts the brewing process, which is quite interesting.




If you love to create delicious lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks, this is the best coffee maker for you.

With a built-in frother, you can transform hot or cold milk into a silky froth in seconds. The automatic brewing technology boosts the flavor of the coffee by extracting it to its fullest at the touch of one button.

The water tank is removable, making the cleaning process even easier. Compared to other models, the Ninja CE251 coffee maker features a drip-stop along with the swivel brew.

The drip stop comes forward and allows the user to fill it, making the coffee-making experience more enjoyable.

Further, it also has adjustable warming plate (to keep the coffee warm until you consume it), a built-in small scoop for perfect measurement, a foldable milk frother, multiple servings, and brewing(size) options.




If you are looking for a simple coffee machine, this is the best coffee maker for you. The best part is that the carafe doesn’t dripple. The coffee brews relatively fast and tastes great.
The coffee remains hot for a longer period of time so, don’t be surprised if you burn your lips after going back for a second cup after 45 minutes.
Further, it is cost-effective, so you don’t have to sell a fortune to grab a good cup of coffee in the comfort of your home.
This is a perfect coffee maker machine for beginners without additional features like bells, clocks, or timers.




KRUPS is among the leaders in the production of coffee machines. This model of them is made of vintage materials and has numerous options for drinking. This model offers convenience of use. You can pour yourself a cup of coffee when the brewing is taking place. Also, the automatically brewed coffee stays warm; therefore, there is no need for reheating.

Using this coffee machine is easy as it comes with an on/off button, which starts boiling and stops it when needed. The coffee pot has no dripping seedlings, and this helps control clutter around your work area. The stylish modern design of stainless steel raises the aesthetic value of this coffee machine. Having it in your kitchen enhances the beauty of the same.

The water tank is in a convenient position, which makes it easy to refill. The carafe is made of glass, and you can create a maximum of five glasses. This model weighs 3.6 lbs. and is among the best electric coffee makers the market has received so far. The accessories available in the package you receive are a glass coffee pot, permanent filter, and coffee spoon that are suitable for dishwashers




Our third pick for the best coffee makers in 2022 is this efficient machine by Keurig. It gives you 2 ways to brew your coffee; a single cup or a full pot with your favorite ground coffee.

Further, after two hours, the machine features an auto shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about the outcomes even if you forget to switch it off.

With the auto pause and pour option, you can quickly get your first cup of coffee without waiting for the whole pot to brew.

They are compatible with K-Pods and do not include mugs. So, you can use your travel mugs to enjoy the hot coffee on the way.




Looking at the fifth pick among the 10 best coffee makers, we can say that the manufacturers have thought hard to design a user-friendly product.

This is no doubt a high-quality drip coffee maker that produces consistent cups at an appropriate temperature.

It has a water kettle, brewer basket, and a stainless steel thermal carafe with a rubber grip. A metal rod connects both the kettle and the carafe.




Hamilton Beach is best when you are looking for easy to use and easy-to-clean coffee maker. The filling is easy with the FrontFill water reservoir and swings open the brew basket.

The controls are good. It is easy to set a timer. Further, the coffee filter holder is easy and fast to scrub, and there are very few parts to keep track of.

The best part you can easily connect it with Alexa to start brewing, change brew strength or turn off the coffee maker.




BUNN knew what is it meant to do and do it quite fast. You can brew 10 cups of coffee in about 3 minutes. Yes, we were equally amazed like you to know about the exceptional quality of this unit.

This quick machine would be your best assistant when rushing toward your office in the morning. Further, the double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for more than 2 hours after brewing.

This fastest brewing machine is quite simple to use and even easier to clean. The build is quite tall and requires a good space on the countertop.

Overall, it is a good purchase if you look for the fastest coffee maker with ease to use. No-fuss or dripping and your coffee is ready in minutes.



Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Coffee Maker

People often ask us what features of a coffee machine we should look at while buying it? Well, several factors constitute an excellent coffee machine. Some of these are temperature settings, size, capacity, variations, and handling.

Following are the main qualities that an ideal coffee maker should possess in order to provide you with the best coffee every morning.

These are the specs on which a person should never compromise while buying the best-tasting coffee maker in 2022.


The ideal temperature to brew a coffee lies between the range of 195°F to 205°F (best temperature). Any changes in the temperature can alter the coffee taste.

This is because 205°F is close to the maximum essence extraction from the placed ground. Any further increase in temperature will cause burning of your coffee ground and an unpleasant coffee taste.

195°F is the minor hot temperature a coffee machine should possess. Any temperature equal to or lower than this will result in poor and dilute tasting coffee.

This is because the water won’t be hot enough to extract maximum flavor and color from the ground to call out a coffee shot.


The construction and build of a coffee maker should be tough and durable to stand high heat. It is not the outer body that undergoes severe temperature changes. It is the internal heater that should be durable.

These internal heaters and coils are composed of several materials. One type of plastic or more likely to be aluminum material. As we all know, plastics are not a good friend of excessive heating and, therefore, can result in extreme damage. Whereas in the case of aluminum, you can see some corrosion after a while.

So far, the best material to withstand such high heat is either brass or stainless steel. Both of them have an excellent threshold for temperature variation and are least prone to corrosion or bacterial invasion.

In short, coffee machines composed of Brass and stainless steel coils and boilers will give you more durable and long-lasting performance.


Most people don’t have enough time to wait for fifteen to thirty minutes to get a coffee shot. That’s why the best drip coffee maker 2021 should be quick to pour you one. Therefore, a day prior brew timer is essential, especially in an automatic coffee maker.

So before purchasing a personal java machine, make certain to clarify its coffee-making time and availability of a brew timer. So after purchasing, all you do is pour yourself a pre-brewed cup of coffee without wasting any time.

Carafe Capacity

Capacity means the number of coffee shots of coffee a machine can produce at a time. It majorly depends upon their water tank and beans storage in a built-in grinder. Some devices offer more than four shots at a time, while others produce less coffee.

So if you live in a big household or consume several cups of coffee in a day, then get yourself a coffee machine with more extensive storage than usual. Otherwise, you can get one of standard capacity if it’s only for a person or two.

Hot Plate Vs Thermal Carafe

The question here is whether you want better energy efficiency/taste or a more affordable price.

Glass jars tend to be cheaper, but the hot plate heats the coffee further, which overflows the oil and makes it bitter. Moreover, the heating plate must be turned on constantly to stay hot, which uses more energy.

A thermal (or steel) carafe keeps the coffee at an optimal brewing temperature of 195-205 degrees for 1-2 hours, which some believe holds a better aroma. It also saves a little energy during the process. However, they can be more expensive.

Standard gold = thermal carafe. If you are serious about making instant coffee with great taste every day, you need a coffee machine with one of these.


Sometimes change is good for you, and the same goes for coffee. When you don’t want to have a daily strength coffee shot, your coffee maker should have options to make you another type of coffee drink with different strengths.

When it comes to an automatic coffee maker, they should have other coffee-making options, including a variety of brews, etc., so you have a variety to treat yourself as well as your guests.

If you prefer freshly ground coffee (and should) you have two options: Choose a machine with an integrated grinder or buy a separate one. While coffee makers with a built-in grinder are generally more expensive than brewers without a grinder, they can save you money on the purchase of a separate grinder. Moreover, two machines in one will save counter space.

But standalone coffee grinders generally do a better grinding job, and you can grind for other beer styles. Some coffee consumers claim that having a special grinder is a must for the best taste and the best proportions of coffee grounds.

If you are sticky for the absolute best or want to experiment with other beer styles: buy a special grinder.


Can you make drip coffee with a coffee machine?

The answer is no. Unless there’s a dual-purpose coffee maker, you cannot make drip coffee from the coffee machine.

How long can a coffee maker last?

It depends upon how much you maintain it. It can last a minimum of five years, but if you keep its cleaning regime and use it properly, it can perform well for more than ten years.

How often should I clean my coffee maker?

You should clean your coffee maker at least once in two to three months. It depends upon the intensity of using it.

Should I buy a coffee machine for home?

If you are a regular coffee consumer, we would highly recommend you buy a good coffee machine for your home.